Saturday, December 16, 2017

NC: Large Confederate flag flying in Catawba Co. stirs up controversy

Via comment  by Reborn on Dixie Rising: Another Roadside Memorial Battle Fla...

A large Confederate flag has been hoisted up in Catawba County, and the group behind it said it’s in response to Confederate memorials being taken down across the South.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans put the flag up on Springs Road in Hickory.

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  1. There has been one flying for awhile now just a bit north on Rt 16 on your way to Taylorsville. I drive that way once a month or so and always like seeing it wave in the wind. I'm not southern born but feel like I belong here. I grew up listening to Hank Senior, Bill Monroe and the Blue Grass Boys and Doc Watson and many others before moving onto southern rock.

    I think you posted this on Free NC some time ago but God Bless Robert E Lee and Traveller too.

    1. Thanks!:)