Friday, December 8, 2017

Remington Goes Hi-Cap with Limited Double-Stack 1911, Magazine-Fed Shotguns

16+1 in .45 ACP.

Remington is now shipping their newest double-stack 1911 chambered for 9mm Luger and .45 ACP.

This competition-oriented pistol has an impressive capacity and a ton of features to boot. That’s not all, as the company is releasing a whole new series of 870-pattern shotguns that also feed from detachable box magazines.

The new 1911 is their third full-size and fourth double-stack 1911. Designated the R1 Limited Double Stack, the pistol is race-ready out of the box with its 5-inch ramped, match barrel, LPA-type fully-adjustable rear target sights, fiber-optic front sight and oversize controls and cocking serrations.

Chambered for 9mm the pistol has a standard magazine capacity of 19+1 and a still impressive 16+1 in .45 ACP. Remington also offers the R1 Limited in single-stack configurations with all of the same features.

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  1. I carry a Taurus 605 Poly chambered in .357 Magnum in a custom holster. It conceals very well with it's 2&1/4 inch barrel. I carry it loaded with 5 Hornady .357 hollow points, but it'll take standard 38 cal. as well. What I like is the fact that if I have to use it quickly there's no safety to remember to flick off. I've live fired it at my local range and it's accurate at 15 feet which is within most combat shooting ranges.

    1. Sounds similar to my experience with the LCR .357 in which I use max load Speer, but sting your hand it does! :)