Monday, December 11, 2017

VICTORY IN RICHMOND! Proposed Monument Resolution FAILS!

Via Billy

City Council resolution to ask General Assembly permission to move the monuments on Monument Avenue FAILS SOUNDLY. 6-2

Councilman Newbille abstained
Yays were Councilmen Jones (sponsor) and Robertson

The fight is far from over.  There is still a commission appointed to "study" the issue,  but this is a HUGE WIN and the result of a lot of hard work and grass roots organizing and thanks to many of YOU who contacted City Council and let your voice be heard!

More details and a call to action to follow!


  1. Hurrah! I understand Confederate Avenue in Atlanta is going
    down. It changes nothing.

  2. Quite encouraging!!!

    As long as we fight, our cause shall not be lost.

    Y'all have a nice day.

    1. As long as we fight, our cause shall not be lost.

      Amen and I can't believe they would actually remove them if only for the fact that this would cause a loss of revenue from tourism.