Thursday, January 18, 2018

Remembering Robert E. Lee: Measuring True Greatness

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Remembering Robert E. Lee: Measuring True Greatness

January 19 will mark the 211th birthday of one of the most revered military leaders in American history. In fact, Robert E. Lee remains one of the most studied and respected military commanders in world history, although he was ultimately on the losing side.

The enormous importance that the mainstream media and political leaders today give to the Martin Luther King Holiday has worked to obscure the memory of Lee. Although there are many states that celebrate holidays for both King and Lee, most Southern politicians, following the politically correct fashion of the times, have shied away from honoring Lee.

In 2017, this politically correct trend brought down or removed numerous statues of Lee across the South including some of the most famous in New Orleans, Charlottesville, and Dallas. Many schools named for Lee were renamed. This was part of trend of purging the memory of the Confederacy, its symbols, and its heroes from American history. All this has been based on a false political narrative of the causes and conduct of the Civil War and the Reconstruction era following the war. Moreover, this false Civil War narrative is part of a larger agenda to change the American narrative and culture into a brain-numbed totalitarian nightmare where free speech, free thought, truth, and logic are treason. I have written a whole book on this: The Un-Civil War: Shattering the Historical Myths (Leonard M. Scruggs) so I will not delve into much detail in this article aside from a few quotes.

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