Sunday, March 25, 2018

The March Up North

               Three different view points from three “Copperhead” brothers from Illinois.

These three young men each learned  firearm safety, range safety, and how to shoot from the age of five with their first rifles. These three consider themselves “Riflemen” and patriots. They understand the historic and cultural significance of all of the flags that have flow over different parts of this nation at different times during it’s history and the reverence that they deserve. Far from the vast majority of young people today , they had no problem with being outnumbered 100+ to one to show their support for their inalienable rights. I can say with great pride, that  these three young men are my sons.

Your “Northern Copperhead” friend

To the men and women who came to the protest in protest of the protest, thank you. You're support of your inalienable rights has shown me that you truly care about your freedom. Saturday morning at around 10:30 my brothers and I went to the protest at Downers Grove North highschool. The crowd wasn't so big, maybe 50 people or so, all of them except for the three of us being liberal. The day was as cold as many of there hearts, as one of the coordinators was spouting about the protest over the microphone. I remember her stating that "there will be people here protesting us, they are only here to make you angry and to start fights" she said quietly over the microphone. Do you see republicans breaking and burning down buildings? Tearing apart and beating down on people? No, you'll rarely ever see that from the right. When 11 am started to come round people start of showing up, kinda leaky like, but it ended with a crowd of maybe 200 or so. 90% I'd say all liberal. People spoke, students and the politicians alike had there speeches, all of there facts coming from liberal news outlets, hmm. The best two parts of the day were the young ladies in our Girl Scouts coming around and selling cookies, and then at the end of the protest the handful of republican protesters that we met up with. All friendly faces and eager to meet the "kids in the wrong protest" as one gun protester put.

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