Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bible on GQ's list of books you 'don't have to read'

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 A well-used bible is opened at Ingleside Presbyterian Church on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco, Calif. on Thursday, June 1, 2017.  Photo: Paul Chinn, The Chronicle

The Bible has "some good parts," but it's still "repetitive, self-contradictory, sententious, foolish, and even at times ill-intentioned," according to some editors at men's lifestyle magazine GQ.

Editors included the Good Book on a list of the "21 Books You Don't Have to Read," published online last week.

People are calling the list a misstep of biblical proportions, with some calling for a boycott of the magazine. Following the publication of the article online last week, the Twitter floodgates unleashed a stream of vitriol not even Noah's Ark could weather.

Wrote conservative Fox News columnist Todd Starnes: "I suspect the highbrow editors at GQ Magazine would not know the difference between John the Baptist and Balaam's Ass."

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  1. GQ...High brow low T metrosexual Marxists.

  2. For some strange reason, I don't believe I would have anything in common with them...... :)

  3. Forgive them for they know not what they do.

  4. The listed is intended to be controversial, and garner "hits", and impress readers with the intelligence of the staff. I suggest people read both the Bible and the Koran then make a choice. I have to agree with #11: avoid Henry James at all costs even if it requires wading through William Shirer's tome.