Friday, April 27, 2018

Speaking of Claymores: Guess which country recently built a 1,700-mile wall to keep illegals out?

Via comment by Reborn  on How Will Mass ‘Migrant’ Crossing Not Be an Unprovo...

The fortifications lie in uninhabited or very sparsely inhabited territory. They consist of sand and stone walls or berms about 3 m (10 ft) in height, with bunkers, fences and landmines throughout. The barrier minebelt that runs along the structure is thought to be the longest continuous minefield in the world.


Would it surprise you to learn that another country built a 1,700-mile wall to keep illegal aliens out?  

Would you be surprised to learn that we are not talking about the Great Wall of China, but something built recently, in the 1980s, by a small, impoverished country with only a fraction of the resources of the United States?

If you know the country I'm talking about, give yourself a gold star.

The country I'm talking about is Morocco!  In the 1980s, Morocco made a land grab in the sparsely populated territory to the south called the Western Sahara.  It has a problem with illegals infiltrating, and so Morocco built a 1,700-mile wall to keep them out.  And it took only five or six years to build!


  1. I read it is the longest minefield in the world and it is
    the most formidable border wall in the world cuts through Western Sahara and stretches to Southern Morocco.
    No, I wouldn't try to cross that one. Interesting.