Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tomi Lahren: Blue Wave Will Happen If 'Swamp Rats' Keep Blocking America First Agenda


  1. Jews are evil and are the cause of everything evil in this world. Here's a few quick facts about Jews for you:

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    1. Goodness gracious, they have been hard at work.......:)

    2. If we were 1/10th as evil and powerful, we'd have you all in zoos by now.

      Someone really needs to get back on their meds.

  2. I kinda agree with Anon, Brock. If you take a hard look the Liberal American Jews are not of the Conservative bent as their Israeli allies. The American Jew culture is one of Liberalism, Socialism for the masses while most take great pleasure in amassing millions through shrew business and nefarious dealings. Look at just three high Ranking democrat politicians: Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and Debby Wasserman-Schultz. Do some research on them and others. You'll find they've amass fortunes after they became politically active. Rich Hollywood denizens are mostly all Democrats and filthy rich. I bet the Demographics of the Hollywood/Los Angeles area will show the Jewish numbers far exceed those of a nation-wide figure.

    Having said that I don't see a bright future for the America abiding by constitutional laws and "fairness" simply because 99% of the Republicans have a vested interest in see the established political cultural status quo remain as is and see President Trump as an interloper. As far as Rabid Liberal Democrats vs. Benign Conservative Fly-over folks go as in any battle the victory will go to the "take-no-prisoners" most savage side.

    1. they've amass fortunes after they became politically active

      As with most politicians I'm afraid.

    2. Well, then blame liberalism, which American Jews have adopted as their faith INSTEAD OF faith in Hashem (G-d).

      Take a look at my site, and tell me I'm another liberal.

  3. I have been saying since President Trump's election, the GOP doesn’t have a clue. I have also said, the people that elected President Trump are NOT republicans. GOP you have two choices, stop acting like democrats, support America, and win. Or continue like you have been and lose. Because I and most of my friends would rather see democrats in congress, than do nothing republicans. I will not vote for a democrat. Instead I will not vote rather than vote for a RINO.