Thursday, April 12, 2018

Victor Davis Hanson Hates the Confederacy…and the South

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“Conservative” writer and classicist Victor Davis Hanson hates the Confederacy and the South; he has demonstrated this repeatedly in recent years through his articles published in National Review (where he is a senior contributor) and in other venues (see, for example, “Sherman’s War,” November 9, 1999; “California Goes Confederate,” Jewish World Review, February 9, 2017;  “The Strange Case of Confederate Cool,” National Review, September 26, 2017; and “The Confederate Mind,” National Review, March 20, 2018.

His most recent anti-Confederate broadside showed up in the so-called “conservative journal of opinion,” National Review [March 20], where he made the accusation that Senator Elizabeth Warren, the extreme Left US senator from Massachusetts, was “acting like Confederates did back in 1861” and that she possessed a “Confederate Mind.” I offered a short response via my blog, part of a longer column. That column—the portion about Hanson—was picked up by my friend and columnist Ilana Mercer and published on her Barely-a-blog site.


  1. Hansen has a finely tuned mind for many historic topics and classical liberal concepts but shares his dismissive point of view of the southern cause and of current southern culture with other elitist academics. The distilled version intentionally omits the multiple insults borne by the south prior to secession and focuses on the villainy of slave holding.
    Given our present divided society Hanson and other pointy-heads will benefit from a lesson in history and in human behavior.