Thursday, May 3, 2018

Feds tapped Cohen's phone, intercepted White House call: UPDATE: Not Wiretap ( See Below)


Via John"This is so outrageous that it is almost beyond anyone's comprehension. 
Trump needs to fire the top three layers of DOJ/FBI management. No exceptions. They have become a DIY KGB. just fire them (including the useless abdicated AG, Jeff Sessions. Mueller and his band of Hillary Marauders also needs to be charged. 
Make Giuliani the new acting AG, pending confirmation, and make him clean major house. Just get it done quickly. The co-conspirators can all be charged with treason at a later date and the death penalty is available for that charge and should not be taken off the table. 
That's how serious this is. This is still the United States, not the former Soviet Union, and not some Latin America banana republic where things like this happen. We cannot allow it to happen here."
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 Federal investigators tapped the phone lines of President Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, according to a bombshell report by NBC News.

 The report, citing one source with direct knowledge, said at least one call between the White House and a phone line associated with Cohen was intercepted.
The wiretap could dramatically raise the legal stakes for Trump if any potential conversations with his longtime lawyer were swept up by investigators, who are conducting a wide-ranging criminal probe into Cohen’s business activities."
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