Thursday, May 31, 2018

Free Tommy Robinson

Tommy Robinson is a  thorn in the side of the Globalists who rule the United Kingdom (UK). For that reason, he has been targeted by them. His recent arrest is so obviously an attempt to silence him that there have been demonstrations in many cities, not just in the UK, but in Australia, Germany, and the US. Bloggers and citizen journalists are taking up his cause, because Free Speech matters.

Regardless of what you might think of his message, he has the right to be heard, even in the UK. The Globalists in the UK are hiding their actions behind a wall of silence. Tommy has attempted to break that silence. His arrest and imprisonment is a farce. And it jeopardizes his well-being, his very life.

If they can treat Tommy Robinson in this way, they can treat anyone in the same way.

Here in the US, the Mainstream Media and the Far Left Globalists want to silence us. They used the IRS to attack conservative organizations. They use Facebook and Google to silence conservatives and libertarians. The Mainstream Media is silent about the crimes of Globalists.

Tommy Robinson has the courage to speak out. We must do the same.

Free Tommy Robinson. Free us from the censorship of the Globalists.

The Tommy Robinson affair is backfiring on those who seek to silence him. Support for him is growing.


  1. There should have been tremendous support for him when he headed up the EDL, but there was not. These Brits need to wake the hell up.