Friday, May 11, 2018

'Peter is here': Untold story of astonishing search for the apostle

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John O'Neill

Why few know of Texas oilman, agnostic archaeologist and historic find

It’s arguably one of the most significant discoveries in the history of the world, accomplished by an improbable collection of characters through a complex series of improbable developments.

Yet few are aware of the find – for reasons that become evident as the saga is told – and even fewer know the whole story and the threads the players wove into the events of World War II and their influence on its outcome.

The discovery was the bones of the Apostle Peter, a scientifically verified find that was authenticated only recently under the leadership of Popes Benedict and Francis. The search also uncovered startling new evidence – hidden for nearly two millennia – of a thriving Christian community rooted in belief in the divinity of Jesus Christ at a time of intense Roman persecution.

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  1. This story has the athiests and anti-Christians having conniption fits. If the existence of St. Peter is proven, then existence of the historically real Jesus becomes harder to deny and they know it.

    So far they still cling to the thin and abstruse argument that the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

    After presenting this absurdity I asked one of them; "Did the entire universe outside the Milkey Way suddenly spring into existence when Edwin Hubble proved with Cepheid variable stars that the great nebula in Andromeda was actually an entirely separate Galaxy?" And; "Did the globe suddenly become round when Magellan's fleet completed their circumnavigation?"

    Having been cornered by his own failed logic the response was to say this I was an anal retentive and refused to further engage. Shocking I know.

    Typical leftist. Literalists and liner thinkers with no grasp of what metaphors are never mind how the work in logic systems.

    1. the absence of evidence is evidence of absence.



      no grasp of what metaphors are never mind how the work in logic systems.

      Logic? Logic? :)