Sunday, July 29, 2018

In the Army, the Delusion Keeps Rolling Along…

Via Kirk


Meet the Army of 2018, where men are women, women are men, Mommies are Rangers and breast milk is served on tap in the First Sergeant’s lactation station.

In order for the complete and final unraveling of the Army’s fighting spirit and combat power to occur, the concept of gender neutrality has to be served up on a platter to the young, gullible Millennial masses and shoved down the throats of the last breed of hardass old school holdouts who are 60 days and wake up away from escaping from an organization they have seen go from the Dirty Dozen to Romper Room in just two decades.

In an Army, where we have witnessed cadets parading around in high heels, grunts from the Big Red One (a unit that landed on Omaha Beach) don pregnancy simulators, generals tell us that pregnancies don’t affect combat readiness, and the complete and utter erosion of all standards at the JKF Special Warfare Center and School, comes a new and brilliant idea from the minds of the politically correct martinets and feather merchants who call themselves generals – the GENDER NEUTRAL ARMY COMBAT FITNESS TEST.


  1. Sadly, nearly half the people that vote in this country are that ignorant.
    I'm going to "steal" that and post it at

  2. Anyone with half a brain knows that men and women are different. We all have watched as supposed intelligent people have learned to hate their own race. And we are at a loss to understand how that could happen. Yet all we have to do is examine the feminist movement.

    They have worked for sixty years convincing women they are equal to men. Again, anyone with half a brain knows women have always been far superior to men. Without women, men would still be living in caves. As much as we men would like to take credit, it is women that make families, homes, communities, and civilizations. And in just sixty years women have accepted they are only equal to men.


    1. s women have accepted they are only equal to men.


  3. There’s nothing new about this in the UK. A few months ago my eldest daughter bounced this on to me re. my grandson, Ken.

    “Dear Mum,

    I’ve just been posted to the 3rd Battalion of the Gender Fluid Lesbian Light Infantry and Catamite Cavalry Regiment. It’s really bad, I can tell you. Whenever there’s heavy work to be done everybody starts identifying as female. When there’s cooking to be done everybody starts identifying as male.

    We’re starving, and I’m knackered from doing all the heavy lifting. On top of that I’m hated by everybody because I’m normal. Also, somebody has rigged the free Tampax dispensers so that every so often they pop out a dildo.

    When I get out I’m going to kill those perverts who were my teachers and who told me that this sort of thing was OK.

    Love to Gran and tell her I’m sorry for not listening – she was right.

    P.S. We’ve just been told that next week it’s bayonet training. We already have seventy-four under deep sedation because of near terminal hysteria, 190 odd have gone AWOL and the Regimental Sergeant Mistress has delegated training responsibility to the L/Cpl in charge of anal hygiene inspectors. Everything sucks. Ken.”

    1. :) ! Thanks.