Saturday, August 25, 2018

Security Guard Fired for Ignoring Officer’s Pleas for Help During Arrest

A security guard who apparently witnessed police officers in Texas struggle to arrest a suspect chose to record the incident on her cellphone instead of help the officers get the situation under control. Two Houston cops were in a serious struggle with a suspect who appeared to be resisting arrest at a gas station. Several bystanders recorded the incident with their cellphones, including the security guard working at the station. “Stop f***ing taping and help me,” a cop appears to say to her.


  1. I guess she was hied to meet a minority quoted and trained to sit on her lazy fat ass.

  2. Diversity Hire, no doubt. She wasn't hired for her athletic abilities, nor her stunning good looks. She can't even spell Glass Ceiling. She will be rehired and promoted with backpay, after her lawyer and the union get involved.

  3. She was getting evidence of "police brutality" and the "denying of civil rights". --Ron W

  4. She appears to be the only one ther who knows how to do her own job.
    Your entire job as a security guard, is to observe and report. Period. Not act as a bar bouncer.

    In fact, most security companies make it an article of policy that if you get into that kind of hog wrasslin', opening their company up to massive and unnecessary liability, you get fired.

    As a private citizen, she lays hands on the guy, and she gets sued too, without a legal leg to stand on. And unlike the cops, she won't be defended by the PBA and the city attorney.


    Being neither badged nor sworn, she is no different from any other private citizen. She also has no legal duty to assist, and common sense says that if two buff cops against one suspect on the ground can't get the job done, throwing a fat chick into the recipe isn't going to improve the situation. And when she gets hurt in the dog pile, she gets fired, not disability time off like the police, and the PD isn't going to pay her hospital bill either.

    Eff them, and the company that fired her.

    She will sue (and would be a fool not to), and they'll owe her back pay, punitive damages, and discrimination penalties. This will end up costing them about 5 years of her base pay to fight a suit they'll lose, then wind up paying their lawyers and hers, plus the settlement, for a case that should never have happened.

    In her shoes, I'd have told them to piss up a rope too.

    Her employer is a triple idiot, first for hiring her, and second for firing her. Then third, because they're going to end up paying her for 3 years of work she's not doing, and more money besides that.

    1. two buff cops

      Only the one in uniform was a cop and she should have called them.

  5. Its a damn good thing for her she was in Texas. If this had happened in Oklahoma she would have been charged with a crime, all citizens of the state of Oklahoma are required by law to assist when called upon by a peace officer.

    1. Excellent Point. I would think that was the law in every state. If not, it sure makes sense that it should be the damn law.