Monday, August 20, 2018

'Silent Sam' torn down by commies at UNC

Via Cousin John

Silent Sam down_1534814844666.JPG.jpg 

Several hundred people gathered on the University of North Carolina's campus Monday night to protest the "Silent Sam" statue.

Protesters knocked down the statue around 9:20 p.m. Monday.

Fall semester classes begin Tuesday at UNC.

Protestors were calling for the statue's immediate removal. One student vowed to wear a noose around his neck until it was taken down.

UNC Police told CBS 17 that one person who attended the rally was arrested and charged with resisting arrest.

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  1. Disgusting. I suspect no arrests will be made. Looks like the message to students is that anarchy wins.

  2. The depth of ignorance is as great as the density of arrogance.
    And law and order is cast aside for appeasement; we already know the score of that game.

    1. The depth of ignorance is as great as the density of arrogance.

      Well said.


    A damn disgraceful shame.
    That happened nowhere near
    my AO, yet I have to go out and respond
    in kind, earnestly attacking communists
    and breaking their shit. So be it.

    1. Thanks.

  4. Part 1

    I haven’t commented much of late. I see war coming and this shows it coming soon. I have been working to get my house ready for what is approaching. The elites see their strangle hold on power slipping. The RINO party seen their cozy fraud with democrats in danger. And democrat elites see their party about to purge them, for a socialist revolution.

    I hate to admit ignorance, but I never know people kept their government security when they left government. Talk about the Deep State. This is simply bribery at the highest levels. Regardless what excuse they use to allow them to keep their security. The truth is, it is worth millions of dollars in bribes err salary when they leave office. People are beginning to see the dirty shell game being played in Washington. The revolving doors of bribes, graft, and corruption.

    The last 40-years of the education system not educating but indoctrinating our children. High Schools graduating illiterate children. Many not even able to read and write. Let alone add, subtract, or multiply. Zero knowledge of history, government, or civics. Hell, I bet less that ten percent of high school seniors ever heard the word civics, let alone know what it means. And it gets even worse in colleges. Yes, there are some remnants of programs left. But mostly the college programs now consist of “Studies” programs. Where students study why there is white privilege. Or study why your gender if fluid. Studies where there is no actual education done, just induction why culture and history must be destroyed. Colleges have degenerated into simply cash generating, diploma machines.

    Technocrats now taking control of censorship and thought control. What is happening at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube is simply a new version of McCarthyism. From these companies we see a NAZI censorship happening on a scale that would make Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, or Mao Zedong happy. These technocrats have become the Joseph Goebbels’ for the Democrats and Left. By outright censoring or “Shadow-Banning” all conservative thoughts and speech. We might as well dig up Adolf Hitler, Joe Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Joseph Goebbels. Make them CEOs of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, there would be no difference.

    The Globalists are driving a “No Boarders” policy around Western Civilization. Look at the news from Europe. Even in their precious Sweden. The people are beginning to wake up. Why? Because they do not recognize their own country. As the Muslim and African invaders increase Europe is crumbling. Other that the old communist block countries that have refused this “diversification.” Europe is not safe for anyone, murder, rape, robbery, and crimes of all nature are increasing. They want to destroy our culture.


  5. Part 2

    Look at the calls for “diversity” and “multiculturalism.” They only apply to Europe and America. We see South Africa expelling Whites, where are the calls for diversity and multiculturalism there? Actually where are the calls there needs to be more whites in Africa for diversity and multiculturalism? Or pick any Asian country, where is the need for diversity and multiculturalism and more Whites there? NO, diversity and multiculturalism are simple code words for destroying Western Civilization. Every ethnic group in the world are taught to be Proud of their culture. Except One! Whites. We see our youth being taught to hate being White. Seriously, what the hell is that? Whites and the accomplishments of Western Civilization have so much of which to be proud. Let alone be proud of America and what we have accomplished. But if we try and claim that pride suddenly we are racist or white supremacists. That is just bullshit designed to stop any conversation. I’m White and damn proud of what Western Civilization has done.

    The very core of our culture is being corroded by perversion. Our society is being forced to not just accept but kneel to perverts. Homosexuals having more rights than Christians. Freaks, men in dresses and our daughter and wives being forced to share bathrooms and showers with them. The mentally ill, so confused they cannot look in their pants and know if they are male or female. Pedophiles are being pushed into society as “normal.”

    What once was “normal” Americans, we are now under attack from all sides. Globalists want to destroy and eliminate America and our culture. We have colleges teaching our children to hate themselves. Our supposed leaders are simply corrupt. And our thought and speech is being controlled by big tech gulags.

    War is coming. I believe the “Great Blue Wave” of November will not happen. They are so deep in their own echo-chamber they have lost touch. I think it is possible they will not gain seats but actually lose some. When the left loses again politically they will totally lose it mentally. They are close now but losing in November will put them over the edge. I expect to see violence before the end of the year. But then again, I never expected Obama to leave the Presidency without force. But in the back of my mind I cannot help but think if Trump had been predicted any chance of winning the election…

    Sorry I got a little verbose, I had to break it into two parts.


    1. Excellent! Thanks.


  7. The police were ordered to 'stand down.' I wonder if the police
    will be ordered to stand down when we go after them - full-throttle.

    As a country, not a nation as a nation has only one culture,
    we've become a waste land.
    Totally perverse thinking by the Frankfurt School graduates.
    Put Silent Sam back up where he belongs.

    1. Totally perverse thinking by the Frankfurt School graduates.


  8. Did anyone find the student who vowed to leave a noose around his neck and offer him a horse to sit on for a few seconds ?
    Why is law enforcement unresponsive ? Why would a college employ
    a staff of liberal looney's to teach and encourage this ?
    Eventually, someone will start to shoot. Just a matter of time Brock.

  9. Yes, exactly what it is, a communist revolution brewing in the streets. This would have been obvious to the general public 30-40 years ago. Unfortunately those who recognize this for what it is have mostly died off and the new Generation Bastard either thinks communism is some quaint thing they read about in their school books, or are fully on board with the new form that communism has morphed into.