Friday, September 14, 2018

MAGA Candidate Corey Stewart Rises in Polls as Tim Kaine Can’t Surpass 50% Support

Via Susan Lee

As summer turns to fall and campaign season kicks into high gear, Republican Corey Stewart, an unapologetic supporter of President Trump, is closing the gap on Democrat Senator Tim Kaine in Virginia’s midterm race for US Senate. Despite early advantages in name recognition and claims of a massive 25 point lead in the polls, Senator Kaine’s underwater approval rating of only 45% has come back to haunt him. Recent polling conducted by Poolhouse and Cyngal found the race has narrowed to a 5 point margin, with first-term incumbent Kaine failing to surpass 50% support. The poll, which surveyed 1,199 likely voters from around the Commonwealth, found Kaine clinging on to a small lead of 50.20% to Stewart’s 45.70%, with 4.10% remaining undecided. When respondents were presented with a generic ballot, the numbers grew even closer as Democrats held on to a tiny lead of 47.90% to Republicans’ 47.30% well within the margin of error, squashing claims of an imminent ‘blue wave’ at the polls.


  1. Oh, I just don't know. mayhap we should all wait until the ballot boxes are all well and truly stuffed before we speak of waves of one color or another. fat lady sings after the votes are counted...

  2. I've received today a form from GOP asking for my input on what POTUS should be paying attention too. no where on the form is there any thing about what the GOP should be doing to support POTUS, at the end of which is the typical scramble for my money. not one fracking dime until GOP as a whole begins to support POTUS in a significant way. don't like trump? I don't care. support your president. he's the only one you have.

    1. until GOP as a whole begins to support POTUS

      Such a novel thought......:)

  3. Sen Tim Kaine, he's the one with the Antifa (Bolshevik) son. --Ron W