Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Sen. Grassley: "You are taking advantage of my decency and integrity."


  1. Senate Democrats were mimicking their neo Bolshevik and Brownshirt minions committing mayhem in our streets since Inauguration Day of the current President. --Ron W

  2. nice job chuck. the louder and longer the dems protest and obstruct, the more mainstream voters turn against them(walk away). and the more independants tilt towards the MAGA crowd.
    let them rant and rave on national t.v....the only ones they are hurting is themselves

    1. Good point. Just saw an article which listed 46 for 44 against with 9 undecided. I assume Kyle will vote yes which would mean we need 3 with the VP.

  3. If there are further outbursts Grassley should clear the chamber of visitors. The protesters aren't there to advance the process, they are there to destroy it.