Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Bill Lee Strong in Gubernatorial Debate with Karl ‘Marx’ Dean

Via Ron W

A Tuesday Tennessee gubernatorial debate in Memphis between Republican candidates Bill Lee and Democrat Karl Dean revealed, perhaps not unexpectedly, Lee is a conservative and Dean is a left-winger.

That was most evident in how both men answered panelists’ questions during the televised event.
This after various mainstream media outlets last week tried to portray Dean as a political moderate.


  1. Bill Lee for Tennessee! I was planning to support Tennessee's "Iron Lady", State Senator, Mae Beavers got Gov. She had to drop out of primary for family reasons. But she was at the Tennessee Firearms Association, picnic, a Constitutionalist no compromise organization, about 3 weeks ago giving an enthusiastic endorsement for Bill Lee.

    --Ron W

  2. One of the latest polls that I saw, he was up 9 pts, but I don't recall which poll. He was up in the teens in another one I saw earlier. --Ron W

    1. Thanks I'd check Rasmussen to see if they follow him.