Saturday, October 6, 2018

We Are All Deplorables Now: Trump is president because he gets it.

 We Are All Deplorables Now
This was a neo-Bolshevik show trial where the defendant was presumed guilty and due process meant digging up dirt from his school days to smear and break him.
Four days after he described Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, as a “very credible witness,” President Donald Trump could no longer contain his feelings or constrain his instincts.

With the fate of his Supreme Court nominee in the balance, Trump let his “Make America Great Again” rally attendees in Mississippi know what he really thought of Ford’s testimony.


  1. No guts glory" ~and~ "fight fire with fire".... Trump has both! My hats off to him! God works in strange ways and we are better for it.

  2. AMEN! And IMHO.....Trump is the best leader America has had in a very long time.

  3. Our beloved President knows how to play the rabid Liberals like well tuned pianos. He leads with a little "tell them what they want to hear" and that gets them comfy, like when you pet a cat. Then his perfect riming he lowers the boom by saying what he really thought all along. He's (HEH) driving them over the insanity wall every day. I'm loving it and despite Rush Limbaugh revealing the president's strategy daily they still can't or won't comprehend the simple but effective tactic. MAGA!

    1. they still can't or won't comprehend the simple but effective tactic. MAGA!

      Fine with me. )

  4. Being a deplorable reminds me of a quote which was rehearsed by the late Mike Vanderboegh, "it's better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable."
    --Ron W

  5. In Today’s World – Would I – Would You Take The Chance

    I have a wife, daughter, and granddaughter. I want them to have a fair and equal opportunity. I want to know if they are attacked, justice will be done. But the world has changed dramatically and not for the better.

    Now imagine, I own a business. It is doing well, and I am in need of an assistant. I have just witnessed what false charges have done to the nomination of a supreme Court Judge. I read the headlines. Four dentists accused of rape, totally false charges. I have seen many college students wrongly accused of sexual impropriety, and had their lives destroyed.

    Do I take the chance in today’s world and hire a female?

    Honestly, as things stand today, I would not. I would hire a man over a women, even if less qualified. Every day working alone in a business with woman. Knowing, no matter what happens I could lose everything. I would not want to risk the possible consequences of a disgruntled employee making a false accusation. I would feel the same, if I had a small all-male team. The overawing danger to the business and each of the men would outweigh the benefit. And that is sad, because just a few weeks ago, I would have. But today I would be terrified to work alone, in my business with a woman. Knowing what one word from her would do.

    The fact is that today, a man is guilty, until he can prove, he is innocent. And even when completely exonerated, the damage to character is irreparable. My wife proved that to me just this morning. She said, “I don’t believe he did it, but if he did he better watch out now. Everyone will be watching him.” Not right but it is the world today.




    2. Reminds me of a SONG..........

      ""Evil Woman"

      I see the look of evil in your eyes
      You've been filling me all full of lies
      Sorrow will not change your shameful deed
      You will bear someone else's bitter seed

      Evil woman, don't you play your games with me"

  6. PDJT speaks as one who is not concerned with re-election. I find that attitude refreshing. the ability to speak you mind and let the chips fall where they may is the truest sign of a self confident leader firmly committed to own ideals and the ideals of his constituents.

    1. a self confident leader firmly committed to own ideals and the ideals of his constituents.


  7. You know I had, and still have my suspicions about this guy. BUT: He walks it like he talks it. Something I haven't seen in DC in my life time. I still don't know if he is the best guy for the job. But he is the best we have had in a very long time. Lets see how he handles the coming communist attempt at revolution. That will tell the tale of Pres. J.D. Trump.---Ray