Friday, November 16, 2018

Securing the Blessings: Today the South, Tomorrow….



We are threatened by a powerful, dangerous, conspiracy of evil men. The conspiracy is the enemy of free institutions and civil liberties, of democracy and free speech; it is the enemy of religion. It is cruel and oppressive to its subjects. Its economic system is unfree and inefficient, condemning its people to poverty and deprivation. It has a relentless determination to spread its system to other peoples and other lands. Its threat comes not only from without, but from its collaborators in our midst.

Its aim is total domination. To compromise with it is impossible, because its leaders are treacherous and only agree to compromise in order to prepare the way for further aggression. For them agreements are made to be violated. Living with this evil permanently is thus impossible; there can be no peace or security until it is completely eliminated and its place taken by a system like our own, for our system is the best hope of all mankind. Our way alone guarantees freedom, peace, and prosperity.


  1. This AIN'T New Brock. This has been going on since Cain and Able had a row. These "secret combinations" (see Gadianton Robbers) are the root of all troubles throughout the ENTIRE HISTORY of mankind. These are evil pacts between men/women with the devil himself. Dinner is on the table. Gotta Go. Have GREAT EVENING.