Thursday, December 13, 2018

Putin Unveils Huge Solzhenitsyn Statue with Christian Imagery in Moscow, Urges Young to Read Him

Via Billy

Putin is a huge Solzhenitsyn fan, and made this very clear while the writer was alive by publicly meeting him and praising him, (pictures below), and attending his funeral.

Significantly in his speech, Putin criticized the “totalitarian system which brought suffering and severe trials to millions of people”, and praised Solzhenitsyn for criticizing it and for calling for morality.

Solzhenitsyn was a staunch Christian in his later years and urged his countrymen to look to their traditional religion for moral strength.

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  1. So, with "enemies" like this, who needs "friends."

    Y'all have a nice day.

  2. To think, in Russia, the former Evil Empire they now erect monuments to great men (Solzhenitsyn). Meanwhile while back in the FUSA, the former home to the sweet Land of Liberty, home of the Free and the Brave, we now tear down monuments of our great men (Robert E. Lee, et al). Special Snowflakes need to be protected from getting their feelings hurts and our SJWs and self-proclaimed activists know what is best for us.

    Our PTB tell us that Putin is a bad man. Why? Because that is what the New York Times and the evening news programs say? Can you imagine any our "leaders" or talk heads praising Solzhenitsyn? Neither can I.

    1. Can you imagine any our "leaders" or talk heads praising Solzhenitsyn? Neither can I.

      & that is truly mind boggling.

  3. Solzhenitsyn’s discourse has proven true. The West has become the expositor of anti-civilization in it’s ridiculous embrace of everything destructive to the development of family values and individual self-control. And Russia, praise God, seems to be returning, As Solzhenitsyn hoped, to a proper appreciation of humanity in a spiritual context. The uS was so afraid of his
    message, one of his books was never sold in the uS nor translated
    into English. While in the uS, he was followed around by the
    FBI. And, here we are today; a cockroach society.

    1. And, here we are today; a cockroach society.

      No sane person could honestly deny this.