Saturday, December 15, 2018

What Amerika Has Become

Via Gleason Long



  1. Well, at least it isn't Burnt Toast. We can still turn this thing around, and make it a TOAST TO AMERICA! We have a STRONG, DEDICATED TO THE PEOPLE, President in Donald J. Trump. He IS DEFINITLY a Fighter. We need to SUPPORT HIM with all we have got. This is not a time to REST. These COMMIE PROGRESSIVE Lefty Loons are entrenched and creating chaos for our duly elected President. Congress Critters aren't helping him, neither are the Judiciary Branch for the most part. We need to get ready, get organized, and HELP OUR PRESIDENT SAVE THIS NATION. Stand up for what is right, be more vocal at the local Townhalls and City Council Meetings. WAKE UP AMERICA!! The enemy is INSIDE THE WIRE!