Thursday, January 24, 2019

Cannibals at the Gate & PissEarth, 2025

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When we view the America of today, we see a people and a culture that has evolved into a socially cannibalistic mob. I can say the "left" or "communist" or "collectivist," but they are not the only ones guilty of this cannibalism. There is no singular blame, because we, those who have allowed them to prosper using these tactics, are just as much to blame for their behavior. Parents of a spoiled and intemperate brat are not innocent; they are not allowed to stand back in horror with the rest of the crowd witnessing the abhorrent behavior of their child free from responsibility.


  1. Reinventing the Nation--Lincoln and the Jacobin Republicans is a book review of a book "Beyond Slavery" written by Walter Kirk Wood. It is posted on