Wednesday, January 23, 2019

My Drive to Dixieland what I learned Part 2: Family

Funny that I should attempt to write any kind of article regarding family, at 44 I don't have kids or a family. My views of family and my outlook are based upon the observations of my siblings, my many cousins, aunts, and uncles. In terms of what I do and accomplish in my life I'd be damn proud to accomplish near half of what any of my relatives have. I have always had a vast pride for my family and it's heritage, which for the most part remained hidden from my family. Being the runt of the litter (and usually having the largest, quickest mouth) meant I was usually using any communication skills to raise hell by sharing my quickly spoken silver tongued opinions. I am admittedly the black sheep of the family, I strive and work to achieve being nearly as nice as the families I am from and related to.

My time and the drive through Dixieland was truly educational, historic, and emotional. I realized returning home that I wouldn't be able to describe the trip in a single article. I dearly hope these articles reflect the absolutely spectacular hospitality I enjoyed, the terrific Southerners I encountered, and successfully portrays the effect it had on me. I had little idea of why it was so important to go just that I needed to do it. I understood the historical significance afterwards.

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