Wednesday, January 16, 2019

VN: Quang Tri Hospital Saves Man From Methanol Poisoning by Feeding Him 15 Cans of Beer

Alcohol poisoning is a common problem in Vietnam, but this is among the handful of times when beer acted as an antidote, instead of the poison.

According to Tuoi Tre, on the morning of January 10, the Quang Tri General Hospital confirmed that patient Nguyen Van Nhat was discharged and given a clean bill of health. Nhat was admitted a few weeks ago in a coma with near-fatal alcohol poisoning. However, the doctors at the facility were able to save him by using a rather unconventional treatment: pumping him full of beer — 15 cans, to be exact.

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  1. Brock, being an old nurse, I was impressed with the level of equipment in that hospital. It looks like a mid-level rural hospital setting. It goes to show how insulated we are here in America. It show to me how intelligent and modern the Vietnamese people are, not what is portrayed on old trusty msm...

    1. Saigon has good care. I've always gone to Columbia which was opened in 1999 by Americans. Back then you could pick an American for $45 or a third world for $25. I picked the latter for my sister-in-law and it was a PI doctor and all went no different than in the US. Mostly third world doctors now. The further you go into the country the expertise declines but that might apply here also. Year before last, Columbia had opened a clinic downtown and I had two EKG's there, 3 office visits, complete urine and blood tests for $150. Of course that is not cheap for many Vietnamese. The girl asked if I had insurance and I said yes but it would probably take a year to get paid by the VA and I would pay cash.:) Impressed. This time I got a Vietnamese doctor which I imagine was trained in the states as he spoke flawless 'American' English. :)