Sunday, March 3, 2019


Image result for Guadalajara girlsImage result for Guadalajara girlsImage result for Guadalajara girls

From TJ to Guadalajara in 2 hours 20 minutes, 40 minutes ahead of schedule.  Completely different here than in the north as  many people appear to be Caucasians, especially the girls. Mind boggling.  The first one I noticed, I thought must be a tourist but not at all, just one pretty thing after another. :)


  1. Dang, looks like a place I might want to visit.

    1. Around 90 in the day here now, but with low humidity, it is quite comfortable.

  2. Hi Brock,
    As ol' Buddy Ebsen as J.D. "Jed" Clampett would say in a situation like this,"Hoooooooooooodogies!!!!!!!!"
    I.... would "second the motion!!"
    Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat!!,
    PS with a "line up" like that I'd be careful how boldly I'd pursue that Fortune!!! Somehow those "ABSOLUTELY RED" Taylor Swift lips on those first two ladies may as well be the "Red Flashing lights" at a Rail Road Crossing with the "City of New Orleans" (from the Willie Nelson/Arlo Guthrie song) just yards away from jumping the track!!!

    1. I imagine they aren't too much different from ours which leaves a lot to be desired as far as I'm concerned. :) Are there any left as were shown in the Freebird video? :(