Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pentagon Authorizes Transfer Of $1 Billion To Begin New Construction Of The Border Wall

Made possible by President Trump's declaration of national emergency

On Monday night, the Pentagon notified Congress that it had authorized transferring $1 billion from the Department of Homeland Security to the Army Corps of Engineers in order to start new construction of 57 miles of fencing on the southern border.


  1. Does anyone wonder why 57 miles of barriers costs a billion dollars? Does this seem reasonable or totally overpriced?

    1. Company offers to build 234 miles of border wall for $1.4 billion

      I don't know why we haven't heard any more about this.

  2. Hi Brock. Sure hope so, we have bands of Mexicans wandering the streets at night, I've ran them off my land at times, bout ready to start plinking.

  3. Call me vicious, but is it too much to hope that the people doing these rulings / degrees have someone close to them Steinle'd?