Saturday, March 9, 2019

Trump Reportedly Rolling Out ‘Cost Plus 50’ To Put the World on Notice

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In fact, the plan — which is known as “Cost Plus 50” — would require that U.S. allied nations not only pick up the full cost incurred by hosting U.S. military bases and troops, but also pay a 50 percent premium for the “privilege” of favorable status and security that come along with the U.S. military presence in their nations.
Almost since the start of his campaign for the White House, President Donald Trump has consistently noted that U.S. allies fail to pay their “fair share” of the tremendous costs incurred to American taxpayers by the numerous military bases and troop deployments maintained in strategic locations around the globe.

This, despite those allied nations deriving for themselves considerable security benefits from the presence of U.S. military bases and troops on their soil, which, admittedly, often serve U.S. strategic interests just as much as the security interests of those particular allies, if not more so in some cases.

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  1. Actual implementation of this plan will lead to virtually EVERY country
    we currently have a presence in asking us to leave as they simply WILL NOT pay the money required....that money is invariably earmarked for "social programs" and graft. This means that vast numbers of troops will be coming home and VAST amounts of money currently spent on wasteful deployments for no reason will not be spent. THIS will deeply impact the 'military-industrial complex' Eisenhower warned us about when I was a small child. This group is even MORE dangerous to Trump than the entrenched 'deep state' bureaucrats and apparatchiks. This group actually has the skills to successfully assassinate a President
    if they feel it will keep the gravy train running. Trump had better tread very carefully or he could end up getting permanently retired early.

  2. Fully agree and it's way pass time for them to receive their comeuppance.