Saturday, April 27, 2019

Detained for “Wrong-Think”: Canadian Border Guards Seize Books from Monika Schaefer

Via Paul


Upon returning from the United States of America on 24 April 2019, I was detained by the Canadian Border Guards in the Calgary airport for three hours.

Three Border Guards spent those hours perusing through my possessions, especially the books that I was carrying in my small suitcase. They were looking for “hate propaganda”.

The five books which they seized from me for further inspection are the following:


  1. Monika Schaefer did her own extensive research and came to her
    own conclusion. That's called critical thinking. We're all suppose
    to have these skills and use them. You'd be one gullible moron
    if you believed everything they told you. They remind me of the
    Salem witch burnings. They said the women were witches, therefore, the women were witches. I salute Monika for her