Friday, May 31, 2019

Five Reasons You Should Buy That M1 Garand You’ve Been Eying

M1 Thumb :)

Iconic, legendary, battle-tested. Whatever word you use to describe the M1 Garand, there’s no denying the famous American service rifle makes an excellent—no, essential—addition to anyone’s firearms collection. So, if you don’t have that beautiful walnut and steel in your safe, let me be that little voice in your head, that angel on your shoulder, sweetly whispering, “Do it. You deserve this.”

1. It’s a piece of history.

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  1. A great rifle. Mine is a safe queen.

  2. Thats next on the list. I pick up an Inland M-1 Carbine next week

  3. I believe the M-14 was made to be the successor to the M-1. I have a Springfield Armory M1A which I consider a great rifle. Mine is a synthetic stock. Kinda wished I'd gotten the Walnut. It's a semi-auto of course which seems more effective to me for self defense, just like the M1 Wasn't it Col Jeff Cooper who said, "may your enemy always be on full-auto"?
    -- Ron W

    1. Kinda wished I'd gotten the Walnut.

      For sure. I live wood.

    2. Speaking of the M-14 and Col Jeff Cooper's quote, here's a video about an American sniper in Vietnam getting 16 kills with 16 shots operating on semi-auto:

      --Ron W

    3. Thanks.