Saturday, May 25, 2019

I've Finally Found My Carolina Dog :)

8 Weeks

Jesse his grandfather was wild caught and a Grand Champion.

Casper, his father.

Bailey, his Mother

Carolina Dog


  1. Very very very cool! That dog can burn right through the camera into me!

  2. Is he going to be your dog for real? Where did you get him?
    The grandfather is esp. showy. I would have thought the
    Carolina Dog would have been in the Working Class Group.
    Lucky you if he is yours to keep.


      I haven't gotten him yet and it will probably be another two weeks until he is 'vetted' as they say. (All shots etcetera and OK'd by a veterinarian.) Maybe will get lucky and he will be house trained also.:)

      I didn't hear about them until some years ago and they fascinated me. Supposedly they are the only breed which were domesticated, then went back into the wild and then returned mostly. I would love to go down the coast and see where the wild ones live. I was gong to get one some years ago but the owner kept him though she already had 5! :) You could get a mixed breed but I wouldn't think they would display their traits as well as pure bred ones do. Here is an amazing picture.

  3. It is an amazing picture. Big resemblance to Dingo's.
    I sure hope you are able to get this pup and would like to hear
    about the homecoming.

    1. Thank you and I assume you have some canines. :)