Monday, June 24, 2019

Google Insider to Project Veritas: YouTube Deliberately Suppresses PragerU, Dave Rubin, Tim Pool

 A Google insider who spoke anonymously to Project Veritas claims that Google-owned video platform YouTube is discriminating against creators who do not meet the tech giant’s political criteria.

The insider explained that Google and YouTube use terms like “machine learning fairness” to give a sheen of neutrality to their efforts to suppress content that might contradict progressive narratives.

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  1. The video is already unavailable, proof that what the insider is saying has real merit. I'll start to read Prager U's Emails now; they send them to me all the time.
    For more truth, log onto where you will be able to read comments by those who have read my newest book, a biography of the Shah of Iran, America's ally.

    Arlene Johnson