Thursday, June 20, 2019

Special Forces + in Vietnam

The secret units during the Vietnam War laid the groundwork for what modern special forces have become today. The units featured in this video are the Green Berets, Lrrps, Rangers, SEALs, the MACVSOG commandos, SAS and SASR. There are also some good pictures of regular Army and Marine units mixed in.

While America sent her bravest and best to die in Vietnam the Communist infiltrated America's media, Universities, and Hollywood to change her culture and destroy her from the inside.


  1. Interesting video. Beaucoup Car-15s

  2. OK TIME OUT! AT LEAST 10% of the photos in that set had nothing to do with Viet Nam. Some were photos from the 70's and 80's. Several were Vietnam war reenactor's. MANY have been photo shopped . At least five were movie stills from the spate of war movies that appeared in the late 70's - the late 80's. Some were actually from The Vietnam war. But buy no means all of them. Living History dweebs are deeply in love with the CAR-15, a weapon that colt didn't produce until the late 70's. The "shorty" in Vietnam was the XM-177 or XM-177E2. Completely unavailable to civilians until just a few years ago. The "CAR-15"(civilian name for the "pre M-4" test bed. Also sold by Colt as the AR-15 semi auto Carbine) was rejected by the DOD until the early 2000's and never saw military service until the M-4 came out. A few Rangers and SF guys bought the uppers and built there own "Car-15's" in the early 80's but they didn't work well, and it was strictly UA. If they got caught.---Ray

  3. Currently reading "Uncommon Valor" by Stephen L. Moore. Highlights many ventures of the Special Forces SOG operatives. M.O.H. earner Bob Howard features in many excursions "across the fence".

    1. I tought I ha it but was mistakend. Sounds great:

      The Recon Company that Earned Five Medals of Honor and Included America's Most Decorated Green Beret

  4. The SAS there were not Brit, They were Aussies although many of them were Brit SAS who had resigned, shipped down under, re-badged and sworn in as Australians ;-)