Saturday, July 20, 2019

Penn professor: The United States 'will be better off with more whites and fewer nonwhites'

Via Martin

 Amy Wax penn professor

University of Pennsylvania professor Amy Wax is receiving backlash for racist comments she made at a conference about conservatism over the weekend.

The conference took place in Washington, D.C., from Sunday through Tuesday. Among the keynote speakers was Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

Wax was speaking on a panel titled “American Greatness and Immigration: The Case for Low and Slow”.

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  1. I assume Professor Wax is fully tenured since to make such comments is to risk all. So, perhaps this will become a landmark case which pierces the protections of tenure. And if so, it's open season on the commies.


    1. Yes she is and hopefully.

      Mike Adams kept his views to himself until he got tenure and drove the others wild! :)

  2. I am flabbergasted, a Professor who thinks and doesn't kow tow to the left's commie agenda... where oh where did they find her?