Sunday, August 18, 2019

Airline Past: Air Vietnam

Via KhaiCo Vu

 For the Lovers of the original footprints of commercial Jet aviation, we go back to the past with a series of Airline Fleets forgotten. These old gems will rekindle many memories of the fabulous days of air travel. Don't forget to suggest a past airline of past carrier fleet you would like to see! A message at the end of the video hints at what is to come! Enjoy!

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  1. Nice; I tried to email for comment/info but blocked as am at a marina on my boat in Columbia....As captain 30 years with major US airline retired early and have flown contracts worldwide, most recently retiring from long time flying in China I enjoyed this as have home not too far from Vietnam....Also captain on 727 737 757 767 and Airbus plus many others...Current BBJ. Have owned many planes also and have films pics if want of old airline stuff.. Nice change instead of usual bad news...