Monday, August 12, 2019

Barr Says ‘Serious Irregularities’ at Jail & Case will continue against anyone who was complicit with Epstein

Via Billy

After the weekend death of Jeffrey Epstein, Attorney General William Barr is deadly serious.

In a strongly worded speech Monday, the nation’s top law enforcement officer criticized those responsible for security at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center and emphasized how important the case was.

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  1. It's said that Barr visited Epstein while incarcerated.
    Wonder what that was all about.

    1. First I've heard of that. Thanks.

    2. This is what I read and perfectly possible since Barr &
      family have history with Epstein.

    3. Thanks and what was their history and/or do you have a link?

  2. You recall, Barr's father employed Epstein at Dalton University
    as a professor though he did not qualify as he did not have a
    college degree. So obviously they already knew each other
    in what capacity I don't know. I wonder how Barr's father slid
    that one thru, forged credentials?
    You know, on Tucker tonite, via Mark Steyn, with guest Dr. Siegel
    who stated the whole thing makes no sense as the sheets are
    made of paper and no decent psychiatrist would have allowed
    Epstein to be left alone after attempting suicide
    ten days ago without being properly monitored. The prison says
    they were short of help. Hmm

    1. Thanks and I read yesterday that those on suicide watch have sheets made of paper but Epstein had been taken off of it although one that I posted yesterday is different.

    2. What I gathered, all the sheets are made of paper as
      suicide is the biggest cause of death in prisons as
      mentioned on Tucker though this prison's suicide rate
      is low.
      You know, I never liked Barr and was hoping Whitaker would
      get the AG position. Just something about Whitaker and
      his openness and genuine warmth.


  3. Thanks x2

  4. RE: paper sheets, is no one familiar with origami? Does no one understand how paper can be spindled to carry much weight?


    1. True but I don't see Epstein as the type of guy who knows how to do it. :) I don't. :)