Friday, August 23, 2019

Claims that Trump's a Racist Take a Beating as New Polling with Minorities Confounds Media Narrative


If there’s been one unified theme from the establishment media over the last year, it’s this: “Donald Trump is a racist.”

On nearly every news channel across the country, pundits have breathlessly insisted that the president of the United States is a bigot, a wildly unpopular figure who is one step away from being tossed out of the White House.

Major politicians have also joined in that chorus, with 2020 hopefuls like Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren openly declaring that the president is a white supremacist. Other prominent voices have implied that anyone who defends Trump is automatically a racist. But all this ranting is falling on deaf ears.

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  1. Ray Cyst was the child of men like Trotsky, who couldn't produce, to rob men like Eli Whitney. As automation(highly efficient time saving tech)grew, so did Ray Cyst's religion of origin, Marxism/government/con-artistry. 'B/c we need a government for class/religion protection', a contradiction of the Bill of Rights.
    In the war of Northern Aggression, he was the first to use the elevation of aviation to observe the battle field in real time. Cyst pulled the trigger on the first machine gun, in a major conflict. Ray was among the first trainload of Yankee soldiers who rode the rails war, for Sherman's genicidal invasion of Dixie.

    I've come to realize, the conflict was about slavery. Just not framed in the sophistry (((publishers))) have printed as history. It was short term manual labor slavery vs. long term economic slavery under a new system of legally protected classes/groups called corporations.
    Automation was about to antiquate much of the farm labor, by economic attrition alone. Robber barons knew Dixie was out producing yankees two to one, and a steam engine powering a cotton gin was a sign of high potential to loose control on their form of legal system. They already knew how to use economic slavery, north of the M&D, and they preferred not having the liability/obligation of ownership.
    Jason Bermas does good work, tried to find where he explains how WWII was unique in that the government selected who would go to war(volunteers were not allowed). This allowed a purging of registered conservative voters, who tended to be against big government. Failed to locate, but don't allow Epstain's burn notice to keep his crimes out of site.