Thursday, August 29, 2019

Trump's new immigration rules work for the American people

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The Trump administration’s decision to close the Flores immigration loophole is the latest in a series of long-overdue, common-sense immigration reforms. While liberals will cry foul, average Americans are demanding this kind of smart, targeted step toward solving our immigration crisis.

While Congress has tried and failed for decades to create a comprehensive immigration reform plan, the administration has steadily been chipping away at the system’s problems to make immigration work for our country again.

Two weeks ago, the White House issued a “public charge” rule change, restricting the ability of non-citizens to apply for a green card if they rely significantly on welfare benefits or are likely to do so.

This week, they issued a new regulation to replace the Flores settlement and end family separation during lengthy immigration proceedings.

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  1. I fear that Trump is talking out of both side of his mouth. Under the USMCA "trade agreement", the United States delegates to the International labor Organization, an agency of the United Nations, control over our immigration policy.

    I know this is difficult for Americans, but please study this paper: "The USMCA "Trade Agreement" violates our Constitution and sets up Global Government" which you can find here:

    The question is whether Trump knows what he is doing or whether he is blindly following the advice of his CFR Advisors.

    But I'm beginning to suspect that he was the globalists' choice to ram global government down the throats of conservatives who blindly accept everything he says.

    We cannot and must not trust anyone.

    If Clinton had been elected and proposed the USMCA "trade Agreement", conservatives would be up in arms against it.

  2. Please check for article "More questions about the 14th Amendment" posted8/29/19