Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Will the Federal Reserve Depose President Trump?


A Bloomberg piece that posits undermining the President, written by the former head of the NY Federal Reserve:


"There’s even an argument that the election itself falls within the Fed’s purview. After all, Trump’s reelection arguably presents a threat to the U.S. and global economy, to the Fed’s independence and its ability to achieve its employment and inflation objectives."

Another perspective:


"He's effectively calling for a coup, stating in almost so many words
that the Fed's mandate requires it to interfere in the Democratic
process — to help presidents it likes and to ruin the economy for the
ones it doesn't like."


Just today I started reading Jason Chaffetz's book "Deep State" - he
wrote that the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB) was Elizabeth
Warren's (aka Fauxcahontas) pet project and the CFPB was actually funded
not by Congressional appropriation, but directly by the Federal Reserve.
As such, Congress did not have the power of the purse strings to compel
the CFPB to disclose details of their operations and the CFPB could
obfuscate their doings with impunity, and they did.

Consider this: if the Federal Reserve wanted to put the screws to a
seated U.S. President, all they have to do is jack up interest rates and
destroy the economy. Imagine if interest rates hit the same level as
they did in the late 70's and early 80's. Imagine too, how much leverage
this provides to the Federal Reserve - one thing that Donald Trump
understands is leverage.

Rep. Massie of Kentucky introduced (re-introduced actually) a bill to
audit the Federal Reserve - so far he has 87 co-sponsors, including 4
Democrats - Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), Kurt Schrader (D-OR), and Pete DeFazio




  1. If they can, they will at least try. I think that he has them cornered. Watchin the gold prices climb upward now that the global manipulation is lessened. We will see. We/the World can't just jump back up on the gold standard. It takes time and carful planning. The financial wizards/demons of the world banking cartels won't let go of their cash cow that easy. This is a severe GLOBAL CONFLICT that most people don't even know exists. The latest entertainment celeb sighting or musing, the most recent sports team debacle, or another burp from some dumb political Rockstar is all most folks give the time of day to. SAD! The sirens are sounding, the enemy is amongst them, yet the villagers all sleep the sleep of the contented sheep. Unaware of the dangers around them.

  2. In June of 1963, President John F. Kennedy signed an executive order to the Treasury Dept to issue $5 Billion in "United States Notes" backed by silver. I was 10-12 during his Administration so I don't recall him making anti Fed statements nor ahave I read any history of such. However, had this continued, it would have gradually replaced "Federal Reserve Notes" and put it out of business in the U.S. IMO, this action along with his plans not to get militarily involved in Vietnam following unofficial advice of Gen Doug MacArthur, was why the "deep state" had him taken out. After his assassination, that "United States Note" E.O. Was rescinded by LBJ. I have a couple of those bills in my possession, a $5 bill and a $2 Bill with Jefferson's picture. Jefferson was the first President who warned against private banking issuing our money. --Ron W

    1. I have a couple of those bills in my possession, a $5 bill and a $2 Bill with Jefferson's picture.


  3. So Trump is demanding both out Fed and China continue to manipulate our currencies?

    You just can't make this stuff up.

    How about demanding the charter of the private bank cabal know as the "Federal Reserve" be revoked?

    Y'all have a nice day.