Thursday, November 14, 2019

Adam Schiff is wasting the nation’s time ( & Money) with impeachment hearings

 Since the Democrats have already decided President Trump is guilty, the impeachment hearings are meant to convince the public — but so far, they're only giving Americans more reason to be skeptical.

In their first day of public impeachment hearings, Democrats made clear just how weak their case is.

In beyond-dull testimony, the Dems’ first witnesses, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent and US Chargé d’Affaires in Ukraine Bill Taylor, noted their displeasure with the fact that there were “two channels” (a “regular” and an “irregular” one) to Ukraine, and at some point the goals of the two diverged.

Taylor and Kent complained that President Trump conditioned US aid on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announcing that his country would investigate corruption, specifically:

Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election and payoffs to then-Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter.


  1. Much ado about nothing. I would have asked the following questions of Ambassador Taylor:

    1. Did you disagree with Trump's handling of Ukaraine? (Anticipated answer: yes).

    2. In your long diplomatic career have you ever disagreed with a President (other than Trump)? (Anticipated answer: yes).

    3. Did you disagree with Trump enough to resign? (Anticipated answer: no).

    4. Is the security of the Ukraine better under Trump than it was under Obama? (Anticipated answer: yes).

    5. State the impeachable offense Trump committed? (Anticipated answer: I can't).

  2. Schiff just wants to be top poop for his 15+ minutes of fame, and then it comes crashing down and he will be forever known as Schiff for brains...

  3. "Never interrupt an enemy while he is digging his own grave, or something like that." Mi Tsu-Beechi, Sun's ugly lil sister. Oh Yeah, that's her real name, married, a real sport.