Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Confederate Memorial in Pittsboro, NC removed under cover of darkness by Guy M Turner Inc.

Via Susan Lee

 No photo description available.

The folks who were paid to tear down the Confederate Memorial in Pittsboro under cover of darkness last night was Guy M Turner Inc. These folks accepted blood money to desecrate this veterans memorial and the one in Winston-Salem. They are making a profit off of our Confederate dead . Let them know how you feel about their despicable deeds. 

Phone: (800)432-4859 (Press 0)
Guy M Turner Inc
4514 S Holden Rd
Greensboro, NC 27406 Use the “request a quote” form to leave them a message.


(2015) Our Pittsboro Leach cousins whom we haven't seen since 2003. The fourth from the right is Cousin Dixie mentioned below.

"I with Needham, as my only companion turned south to my home, Pittsboro, NC, passed through Chapel Hill and the Federal brigade of Gen. Atkins stationed there. 

 At Byrnums Mill on the Haw River, Needham and I were rowed across the stream in a bateau carrying the family servant of Maj. London, Sr. returning home with a bag of corn meal which he carried on the back of a mule."  


  1. Since all the Confederate Memorials are being taken down, we in the North should take down our Civil War statues. In almost every town in New England, is a Civil War statue depicting the typical Union Soldier atop a column, with the soldier facing South. The symbolism is that he is forever on watch for the South to rise again. Usually at the base is the list of all the major conflicts, as well as a plaque honoring the town's dead. It won't be long until some ne'er do well says "we don't need those, There never was a Confederacy!"

    1. "we don't need those, There never was a Confederacy!"

      & the Revolutionary war ones and flags will be close behind. We were warned about that when they started coming for Confederate memorials/flags.

  2. Where will the removed statue be taken to and stored?
    Screw you Turner Inc.