Monday, December 2, 2019

UNC’s Board of Governors Apparently Agreed to a $2.5M Silent Sam Settlement Before a Lawsuit Existed

Via Dixie Digest

 Protesters toppled the Confederate statue known as Silent Sam at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill in August 2018.

As fair-elections advocate and attorney Aylett Colston noted on Twitter, the BOG is appointed by the General Assembly, which is controlled by Republicans who have received $21,500 over the last two years from the Sons of Confederate Veterans’ PAC, NC Heritage. 
That’s quite a return on investment. (Thank you! )

On Wednesday—before the long Thanksgiving weekend—the UNC Board of Governors agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by the North Carolina division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans over Silent Sam, the monument demonstrators had toppled in August 2018

WRAL published a story on the settlement at 2:13 p.m.

Under the terms of the consent decree—which the BOG had approved during a closed session that morning—the neo-Confederate group would receive the 106-year-old monument plus $2.5 million in “non-state funds” for a “charitable trust” to care for it. The charitable trust can build a permanent home for the monument, just not near a UNC campus.

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  1. “The University where I work just gave $2.5 million to a neo-Confederate group to protect a Confederate monument (to people they’re not even related to) erected 50 years after the Civil War,” UNC-Chapel Hill history professor William Sturkey tweeted Thursday. “In 2019, UNC-Chapel Hill is funding white nationalism. Disgusting.”

    $2.5 million isn't enough, at least not until people like this are FIRED and banned from representing any part of anything associated with NC government and or any part of our educational system.

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    1. ! Just think, if A/C hadn't been invented, we would have no Yankees here. We would still have to put up with the Scalawags, though.

    2. Where is an EMP when you need one?

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