Thursday, January 9, 2020

A Southerner’s Movie Guide, Part IV


Symbols Used

** Indicates one of the more than 100 most recommended films.  The order in which they appear does not reflect any ranking, only the convenience of discussion
(T)   Tolerable but not among the most highly recommended
(X)   Execrable.  Avoid at all costs
 6. The War for Southern Independence

**Gone with the Wind  (1939). What to say about this Southern icon that is as immortal as any of the works of man can be? GWTW, book and movie, were in their day at the pinnacle of international best-seller fame. After three-quarters of a century they stand up well, despite disparagement, and ring true.  And even with elements of soap opera, they provide a vivid re-creation of  the tribulations of Southerners in The War and “Reconstruction.”  GWTW is primarily a women’s story that ought to be a hallmark of a genuine feminism.  I will note that there is a scarcity of real Southern accents and that three of the main characters are Brits. Perhaps  that was good box office. Do yourself a favour and avoid the terrible pretended sequel (X) Scarlett.

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