Saturday, January 25, 2020

Joni Ernst Asks Why Is Donald Trump Being Impeached Over Ukraine Aid That Most of the House Impeachment Managers Voted Against?

Via Billy

Joni Ernst
 The guilty parties are Fat Jerry Nadler (who voted against Ukraine aid twice), Zoe Lofgren, Sylvia Garcia and Hakeem Jeffries who voted against the bill.
One of the scurrilous charges being thrown at President Trump by the imbeciles who make up the House of Representatives ‘impeachment managers’ in the ongoing travesty of the Senate trial is that somehow he damaged Ukraine’s ability to defend itself.

Facially, this is rather stupid. The first lethal aid provided to Ukraine ever by the United States arrived in April 2018. Prior to then, the Obama administration had focused on the really big ticket items like MREs and blankets. This fact, alone, should be enough to torpedo the whole nonsense about the short delay in delivering aid earlier this year being critical. In fact, none of the Javelin anti-tank missiles have yet been used in combat. But it wasn’t.

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  1. Here's the answer to Senator Joni Ernst's question. It's something from one of their political gurus which the Democrats follow very consistently:

    "Accuse your opponent of what only you are doing, as you are doing it, to create confusion, cloud the issue, and inoculate voters against any evidence of your guilt." --Saul Alinsky

    --Ron W