Saturday, March 21, 2020

Coronavirus outbreak and how laryngectomee can prevent getting the infection:

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Interesting to me at least. :)

There has been a deadly outbreak of a novel strain of coronavirus in China causing severe respiratory illness and death. The virus has been spreading arround the world causing pandemic. The causative virus has been identified and its genome sequenced, which will allow confirmation of cases and development of a vaccine, though most likely not for about a year. As of today the CDC has recommended travelers avoid all nonessential travel to areas where the virus is prevalent. The virus is most likely spread by droplets. Those traveling to high risk areas should practice certain health precautions like avoiding contact with people with respiratory disease symptoms and careful hand-washing. 
Wearing a surgical mask is helpful, but it's more effective when worn by those with the disease. 

Human coronaviruses most commonly transmit from an infected person to others via: 

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