Sunday, April 12, 2020

NC: Enough Is Enough

Via Cousin John

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It is time for the General Assembly to exercise their powers as enumerated in Chapter 123 of the General Statutes. This authoritarian governor has caused over 500,000 North Carolinians to become unemployed in a matter of days, not through the legislative process, but by decree. He has tanked our economy to levels not seen in decades, again not by the legislative process, but by decree. He continues to govern via executive order, knowing he can't get the draconian measures he wants through the General Assembly.
Measures that will have untold consequences upon the state and its citizens for decades to come. In fact, all but 1 of the measures were not agreed to by the Council of State (over half of which come from his own party), whom he bypassed via the Emergency Management Act. If our state legislators do not immediately draw up articles of impeachment, they will be derelict in their duties and do not deserve the seat they occupy. Enough is enough. It's time to take our rights, liberties, and freedoms back. It's time to get our fellow citizens back to work and get our economy going again .


  1. Enough is enough, the NC general assembly in both the House and Senate is controlled by Republicans, there's no excuses !!! It is time to do what is right and rein in this unconstitutional authoritarian Roy Goober, he is not our Master, Ruler nor King. Our government is not administrated via decree, we are nither a Democracy, Monarchie, or Oligarchy but a Constitutional Republic with rights. I call upon the whole North Carolina General Assembly to take responsibility and do your job and and impeach this irresponsible Tyrant !!!!!

  2. Every state has been dealing with this exact situation...Michigan has turned straight up communist with a dictator as a Governor. THose states that resisted have since been brow beat to "tow the line". What will be America when this is over? They are already talking government issued "ID Cards" to say if you are immune to the virus or not. Is a chip under our skin next?

    1. Is a chip under our skin next?

      I imagine they are foaming at the mouth in consideration of this. Thanks.