Monday, April 13, 2020

No Longer Looking for a Few Good (Southern) Men

The Commandant of the Marine Corps has decreed that all symbols of the Confederacy be removed from Marine Corps bases. Even, at least, the General class of officers in the Marine Corps has caved to political correctness.

Every time there is a soldier with an eyepatch or missing limb put before the cameras, one’s heart and respect go out to that purple heart recipient. Some people from the past also wonder what kind of leadership is leading. Once there was little doubt in men like Chesty Puller, or Smedly Butler. But any given day now, when some moronic order is issued, well, God help the troops.

Not surprising. Most officers beyond field grade have become no more than political hacks, including, apparently the Commandant.


  1. I have a friend that is a retired Gunny and from Alabama and he is sending his Purple Heart and a Bronze Star and other awards he received to the Marine Commandant. He is one pissed off Marine, he still is proud of his Corp, but is not happy with what the Field Grade and above are turning into. The straw that broke his back is the banning of all Confederacy symbols and Flags. The Corps was the Southern Boys, even this Army puke knew that!

    1. Thanks and infuriating.

      I Am Now An Ex-Marine

    2. Hahaha. No one cares about such egotistical tantrums. The marine commandant will never even hear about them and certainly not receive them. People don't get to simply send things to the commandant.

      The modern military is absolutely loyal to the government and that means whatever is fashionable with the Left. These same generals all testified before congress that openly serving homosexuals was a good thing and trannies are honorable members of the service. You really think they care that some racist Neanderthals send back their medals?