Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Raleigh Protest April 28, 2020

Via John

We are now truly living in a police state run, like most in AmeriKKKa, run by a dictatorial DemoKKKrat governor. 
This was a peaceful protest on public property (the sidewalk) owned by the people who were arrested by the governor's goons.
This shocking video was still viewable as 11pm on Tuesday, 4/28.....


  1. Please look at the EIGHT STATES that did NOT lock down at all...funny how their stats were LOWER than all of the other states that did Lock down...Maybe we should NEVER have let our public Servants Imprison us? "COVID-19 cases are trending downward in Kansas and the states that aren’t on mandatory lock-downs have fewer cases and deaths per capita"...https://sentinelksmo.org/covid-cases-trending-down-states-without-lockdowns-do-better/

    1. Really and thanks.https://freenorthcarolina.blogspot.com/2020/04/covid-cases-trending-down-states.html

  2. Open this country Up NOW. Our public Servants do NOT get to Imprison the American people. They also do NOT get to choose which businesses and services are "essential" and which ones they will destroy. As Americans, we can choose to meekly follow their Orders...OR we can stand up, open this country up, and we can LIVE as free citizens and TELL our public SERVANTS to SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP.

  3. In the months, years before I retired in late 2016, it was a Republican governor in office, and I photographed and did videos of similar protests in front of the Gov. Mansion
    in Raleigh, but the protestors were leftists and such, against Gov. McCrory and a conservative house and senate in NC. I am so glad I am not doing that anymore, as the
    rancor has gotten even worse, no matter who is protesting. I think one side was, however, more prone to violence and dirty tricks right out of Rules For Radicals. Perhaps
    the only difference now is the masks - no, wait - the anarchists in Durham/Chapel Hill were wearing them earlier as well…my mistake. Nothing changes much, does it? And
    the LEOs are in the middle in a no-win situation. Be glad you and yours mostly live down east in a gentler, calmer area….best, harry lynch/redclay7 4/29

  4. So much for 'serving a protecting' the public.

    If there was ever any question as to whether they would uphold the Constitution or the people paying them, it has now been laid to rest.

    Shame on them and please post it if a legal fund is set up for them, I'd love to donate.

    Y'all have a nice day.

  5. Blue Line just "doing their jobs".
    Order followers.

  6. Why were the Kings men roughing and arresting the serfs?
    Why doesn't the King and his soldiers give the same treatment to Antifa and statue destroyers from recent years?

  7. Arrested for remaining silent.