Thursday, May 28, 2020

83-Year-Old Woman Brutally Beaten, Burned During Home Invasion Dies

Via Cousin John

An 83-year-old grandmother was assaulted in Meriwether County, Georgia. Five people have been arrested for the crime.

Three 17-year-olds (Mina Christine Ellery, Angel Latrice Harmon, and Shanquavious Keontrell Cameron), Justin Grady, 38, and Cortavios Heard, 18, entered the home of Dorothy Dow and demanded money.

Dow told them she didn’t have any and that is when the beating began.


  1. And the differences will be drastic. The Auto Zone will not be burnt down and the Target will not be raided and plundered by those that will not be rioting in the streets.

    Those 5 animals need to take a ride in the chair in Riedsville.

    1. Sorry my mind went missing....! GA not NC. :)

    2. Doesn't matter which state, they need to go down and go down hard. Mr Brock, a war is intensifying, the color of the uniform is your skin color. A Reckoning is upon us, we will be the Angel of Death.

  2. Of course, Brock, you remember the elderly lady in Ga. who let
    a black pick blueberries on her farm. When he realized there was
    no one else there, he went into the house and killed her and
    of course, robbed her. Also, the baby in Brunswick, Ga shot in
    the face because the mother had no money.
    There was a book written in 1900 called The Negro the Beast.
    Folks back then had more common sense and awareness.