Thursday, May 21, 2020

Detroit: 20-Yr-Old Black Supremacist Films Himself Beating Up Elderly Nursing Home Patients

Via Average Joe

A 20-year-old African-American man was arrested in Detroit on Thursday after videos he filmed of himself beating up elderly white nursing home patients went viral on social media.

The suspect, who police have not yet officially identified but goes by Jadon Hayden on social media, reportedly uploaded the videos himself onto his personal social media accounts.

On YouTube, he can be seen ranting about the evils of white people and saying the "black race is the chosen race" and "the black race was supposed to rule the earth."


  1. I hope he becomes the BITCH of every sicko in prison.

  2. I just watched this on Renegade Tribune. He boxes at a gym
    and practices on these old people.
    Tucker is going to report on this tomorrow. The poor man
    couldn't even scream. If I got stuck in one of those places
    I wouldn't have a blk for an attendant. Call it racist - so what.

    1. Definitely a sick person who needs to receive twice the payback or more.

    2. Rereading it they say he was a resident also?

    3. Read first comment at bottom which gives additional info.
      He was/is a psy pt and student.

  3. Not surprising in the least. As a society, the majority of Americans have become so numbed to the daily shootings, rapes, child abuse and murder perpetuated by blacks that it takes something such as this to open our eyes. Just this week in Birmingham, 26 year-old Demetric Hampton Sr. was charged with beating and strangling his two year old son to death. This was after his parents had reported him "choking on food". What is wrong with these people?

    Yet, this is all we see on television, in the newspapers, and on social media.
    Man who filmed Arbery shooting video charged in his slaying
    The Georgia man who filmed cellphone video of Ahmaud Arbery's fatal shooting was arrested Thursday and charged with murder in his death.

    1. What is wrong with these people?

      I imagine literally all were not raised by their mothers and fathers. Thanks.

  4. Black on White violence ain't "Racist" according to white Liberals. They call it "Revenge for Slavery"



    1. Thanks X2!

  7. According to a local news report, Hayden -- who has a separate pending assault case -- was taken to the facility after being diagnosed with COVID-19.
    Why a violent criminal with COVID-19 was being housed in a nursing home and able to get into the room of a long-term elderly resident has yet to be answered.
    The scene of the crime, Westwood Nursing Center in Detroit, is part of a privately owned, for-profit chain that receives Medicare and Medicaid funds from the state in spite of scores of complaints about the quality of care and understaffing.

    Makes no sense unless it is premeditated murder as are others
    like in New York. Use to be the elderly were valued now
    they are a hindrance. This elderly man is a Vet.

    1. This I just read on American Thinker. Some idiot removed
      the Vet from his apt. and sent him to the nursing home and
      the father of the sadist said this never should have
      happened as his son has mental issues. Unbelievable.
      Just like Katrina, one big screw-up. The Vet would have
      been safe in his apt.
      "Because of the lockdown -- and one assumes bureaucratic error, the elderly man had been removed from "his apartment without notice to his family who had no idea how to reach him" and placed in the nursing home. At the direction of Whitmer, the man doing the beating was placed there because he had been diagnosed with COVID-19 in a nearby hospital. The placement of this thug man there was unconscionable because along with being infected, he had a history of assaultive behavior and mental illness."